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August 10, 2018 Story Co
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Uncommon Sense

August 10, 2018

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Bret, Daniel and Eddie totally trounce, and then redeem, the upcoming post-millennial generation and the apparent sunsetting of common sense in today's culture.
Bret, Daniel and Eddie totally trounce, and then redeem, the upcoming post-millennial generation and the apparent sunsetting of common sense in today's culture.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00All right, welcome everybody to another episode of Grey matters brought to you by support veteran ventures. Find out more as support a veteran

Speaker 2:0:10We don't live in a black and white world. People are missed and life is complicated. Sometimes what we see as grace is a myriad of colors blended together and we can almost always better understand something by seeing it from another perspective. I'm Daniel. I'm Brett. I'm adding. This is gray matters.

Speaker 3:0:39Well, hello everybody. What's our bread? Nanos. Oh my goodness. It's so good to be here. So good to have you here for more sense. Finally. I know, I feel. I feel like I missed out on so much. Uh, and I'm glad to be back though. I will say I listened to the last, the, the, the mid season a episode. Y'All did incredible. I'm super pumped about getting back into it in a missed you guys. So I had a great time. I was in Birmingham, Alabama for a conference. So, uh, that was a good time. Good getaway. But I'm back. You're recharged and ready to take over the world with your church to I am. I am, I am hopefully church smart, maybe smarter church or just so our listening audience is aware. Eddie's all tuckered out cause he spent all day at the suffering champion chip watching all his favorite golfing celebrities walking around in the hot sun.

Speaker 1:1:50Yeah, I'm cook man.

Speaker 3:1:53Literally his face matches his red shirt he's wearing, there's like zero difference little white beard in the middle, like Santa Claus with camouflage. But throughout the day, throughout the day everyone, I was getting text messages where all of the people that I watch on TV and I watched their swing and I'm amazed by how they play a Eddie is simply taking pictures because he's like 10 feet from them. So really quickly, what was that like seeing them in person?

Speaker 1:2:24You know, I called my wife at one point, like, after. So, uh, my brother in law went with me and we got really fortunate. We came in and we went to whole 10 and everybody that was anybody came through like in a two hour span. So we stood on a fence right where they walk by for two hours and we saw tiger woods and Phil Mickelson and Rory Mcilroy and we saw a, I mean we saw everybody who's anybody. Rickie Fowler is awesome. So after I see all that, we go over to the 18th hole because we figured they just to dolphin 10, we'll start seeing them come back around 18. We went up in the grandstands and got a seat in the shade and I called my wife and I said I got. I actually got a little emotional, like, seriously, it was the weirdest thing, man, like a little tear.

Speaker 1:3:24Seriously. Like if you've watched these, like you said, watch them for years and decades now for me. And uh, to be at a historic event. It's the centennial hundredth anniversary of the PGA championship. No Way. Yeah. Yeah. So it's, it was incredible, man. It really, really was. And then so sure enough, here they come in. These guys, why we get to watch the ball fly into the 18th green tiger woods hits one. Uh, so anybody who watched Thursday of the PGA championship, you watch tiger woods on whole 18, he hits it about six feet from the flag, puts it in for Birdie. I was sitting right there. It was awesome. It was really, really awesome. What is the course? They're that they're there at the belreave in St Louis. Gotcha. So here's, here's craziness. The inside scoop to golf things that you never see. I give you two things. One massive, massive crowds.

Speaker 1:4:25Thirty something thousand people filled the golf course today on believable people ever. They're rude to man. They're rude, they're noxious, everybody's in a hurry. But uh, that's something you don't see on TV. It looks so slow paced and everybody's happy and Ha. No way, dude. It was nuts. I'm throwing elbows. I got to get to 16 year old ladies to do like just, I mean no, no shame in their game and they were not having it. But uh, so there was that like thousands and thousand and the crowds that follow tiger woods and Phil Mickelson, those guys, massive crowds and they follow them and they just crowd the sides of the holes. It's just unbelievable. Oh, and also got to see John Daly who, let me give a shout out to war, the sickest St Louis Cardinal Pants. They were picture you have to put a picture up on. I'll put a picture up on the gray matters facebook so people can appreciate that. The unreal, but here's another one just real quick, something people don't see. You don't know these things about these golf courses. What people endure to get there. There's no parking for 30,000 people at a golf course, so we literally had to drive to an old torn down Chrysler plant and Fenton, which is nowhere near where the golf courses and we had to load up on charter buses and ride charter buses. Forty minutes to the golf course. Forty minutes.

Speaker 2:6:02Now that you say that, I did know that because they do some type of golf classic down here on the coast every year, every other year and they always had these giant signs and they do that day by body parts in the casinos and parking garages and they take the charter buses out to like the grand bear and things like that.

Speaker 1:6:20Dude, 40 minutes, so imagine parking in Harrisburg and driving on a charter bus to the coast to. That's what we did today. So here was my events. Tuesday I went over for practice around, waited for hours to get on a charter bus and couldn't get on one because it rained out. Went back Wednesday and made it and got to take my kids in and let me give you one more quick shout out. There's a guy, there's a guy named Zach Johnson on the PGA tour. There's a new. Zach Johnson, a younger one. Zach, Jay Johnson, coolest guy. We're waiting out a whole. He comes by, he says, hey, you boys having a good time. One of our friends says we'd have a better time for you to get a picture. He goes, we'll get out here. Then calls me and my kids under the rope onto the course, takes a, takes a picture with this, and then his cat goes, wait, we got to get a selfie for our instagram, Texas selfie with me and my kids have him and his caddy to put on their instagram. Coolest moment ever. Do

Speaker 3:7:24Hundreds Pga Championship on the 17th fairway on the dorm life made? Yeah, it was awesome. No wonder you got emotional man. Oh Dude. What a week.

Speaker 1:7:37Been a crazy week then this morning I got up. Get this for am I met my brother in law 5:00 AM and we got to the course at six. Eight

Speaker 3:7:47golf junkies. You're fanatics now. I'm more out. It's awesome when you're. When you're talking about the crowds though. I just got to say it's super impressive. Like you have all that pressure any way of performing, but then it just for the pure competition, but then you got all those people watching. You got to like the. The, the mental

Speaker 2:8:15golf is a mental game. Like unbelievable. I can't, I can't convince myself that I know how to swing, let alone try to convince 10,000 people staring over my shoulder when it matters.

Speaker 1:8:28It was very mental and then these guys play, so get this. The guys that played in the Bridgestone last weekend, they left on Sunday. I got into St Louis. They were able to have practice rounds Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. They play practice rounds for three days and then they and they walk the whole time. Oh, right. And walk and then they walk four rounds and then they'll be out at the driving range before they play. And then I watched Jim Furyk

Speaker 3:8:56who's getting on up in age a little bit. Uh, I watched him come back out after he walked us around and hit more balls on the driving range. I mean, they are phenomenal. These guys, and I'm just going to say I'm 32 years old and if I was 32, if I were 18 holes of golf, I would not do that for fun. I would not, I would not do that for fun. Be like climbing a mountain or something that's equivalent. Keeps Great. Thanks. Thanks for letting me share about that. It was, it was a lot of fun. I had a blast. That's super cool. Super Cool. Well, uh, great, great. Great stuff coming your way today. Uh, you might say this will be a lighter hearted, a conversation. Uh, something's happening in society. People. I'm watching it unfold a and now my own child is getting involved. It's called the in my feet, in my feelings challenge. Uh, apparently drake has come out with this song about Kiki and asking her does she love him? Uh, in all of this anyway, there's, you can go youtube it.

Speaker 2:10:18Uh, if you haven't already. Drake has always been my least favorite artist of all time. Straight. Controversial, right there. Stop. You have a, you have the face of Drake tatted on your right. Pectoral muscle launched the most awful form of music that's ever become mainstream with his mumble mouth wrapping garbage. Snoop dogg shuts them down better than anybody I've ever heard in my life. He's like, everybody sounds the same. You know, back when I was happened, we all had to have our own thing. Now everybody's like for syphilis. Uh, what, what gets me

Speaker 3:11:01when drake goes to a basketball game and he's on the court yelling at professional baseball, basketball players, like he's going to intimidate them. I just want one of them to punch him out.

Speaker 2:11:12I just love to see that.

Speaker 3:11:15Just do it anyway. So drake,

Speaker 2:11:18but just to back it up, like before I even knew who he was. Like, I heard a song and I was like, that's the worst song I've ever heard in my life. How did this make it on the radio? And then I've say to somebody like, Oh, you mean that drake song? I was like, I guess that's his name. I don't know. And now he's like this big freaking sensation and I'm saying I hate to do as a personal interesting topic

Speaker 3:11:38for future reference, a new music culture. Oh, I guess we'll talk about that later. Uh, so anyway, I wanted to. We're not talking about a particular music today, but. Sorry I just watched. No, no, no, I just watched this, uh, this has been unfolding where I'm a little concerned people because this, this, we're going to call them the post millennial generation. We hear so much about millennials. They are now in the workforce. All of this. Well, I'm really starting to look at the post millennial generation, like these ones for, for example, the. And I was telling the guys before we started a millennials integrated into the digital age. Like we, we, we were already around before it began, but we've integrated into a, a technology based society. However, the post millennial generation has, uh, has, has always known it and known nothing else. Uh, so they, they are definitely not in a negative or positive way, but they're just wired differently.

Speaker 2:12:54Man. You on the web. I was born into it, right?

Speaker 3:13:09Oh, we just snuck a batman quote. Oh, just like that. Uh, exactly, exactly like exactly like that. So, uh, so when I watched this in my feelings challenge, um, I'm starting to hear all these stories about people who are getting injured in damage to vehicles and who, who came up with the idea of getting out of a moving vehicle and doing a dance in getting hit in traffic in the. Oh, in the ones where they, they can't catch up. The car is going so fast that they can't catch back up and get in the car and the car drives off without them. They're fallen down. I watch it and I, I want, I'm going to make a statement here. I'm going to pass it off to to Daniel and Eddie and y'all just dissect it, but his common sense becoming uncommon, like jumping out of moving vehicles and getting not being aware of your surroundings is this one little is the is the in my feelings challenges that kind of a wave of things that are showing a I'm concerned here or what is the. Do we have something to be concerned about with the posts, the post millennial generation? What's what's going on? Give me grace and peace.

Speaker 2:14:33Worried that this upcoming generation is the last generation. Darwin's gonna have his final word. The final sentence is going to start with drake. The stupid challenge that's gotten so crazy. I hear it's gone so far that even pastors are doing messages about it.

Speaker 1:15:01That's tragic. What a bunch of idiots. Just so everybody knows. I'm currently in the middle of a series at our church titled in my feelings and Yes, every Sunday I show one of these videos where people get hit by a car or fall out of the car or can't catch you up to the car and I laugh hysterically as I make my way to the pulpit.

Speaker 3:15:28Here you go. If you're looking for a good church, that's where you plug in right there. Viral videos of people getting hit by cars as the pastor preaches approaches the pulpit. There you go. That's just our context. Is it just, is it. Is it the fact that social media. I asked myself this question, I said we'll have the. Have people always had a tendency or younger generations always had a tendency to be too lacking. Common sense or is it easier now to do more stupid things? For example, if there wasn't social media, nothing would ever go viral. Like 20 years ago you couldn't. You couldn't even go in

Speaker 1:16:08stupid stuff. We just didn't share it, so

Speaker 2:16:11I'm going to put them in the corner in the classroom. Exactly

Speaker 3:16:16like a few people saw you. But now it can. It can instantly be. So is it, is it today or are we really. Are we really spiraling downwards first, but first time it is time.

Speaker 2:16:34We're a little overdue, but that's okay. But first, and that's my fault because I kept track on the conversation anyway, so I'll just go ahead and interrupt with the bud first. At least that was a policeman that I'm supposed to do. So can I just tell you something that grinds my gears and I'm going to make it. I'm going to make it pertinent to this topic in this. The upcoming generation preachers that are too relevant with their content to worldly is too. That's too worldly. Oh wait, no. You're getting off on our own. Saved. We're going to get into. We're going to have an oversight episode later, but uh, so, so no kids these days, right? Oh boy. Kids these days. And you can see it on freaking pbs, you know, and it really, it really stood out to me when my son was watching domino sid, the science kid was what it was and his kids in my kindergarten and it a whole show that I can't get that.

Speaker 2:17:35So that grinds my gears to the whole show of that. But anyways, the call their teacher, I don't remember what their name is, but it's not Mrs. last name, it's sally, like hey teacher, hey sally. Right. And so kids these day, like I still call people that are older than me. I called, I called Brett, so Brett, but I caught a lot of people, peers, people my age, younger than me. Sometimes I'll use Mr and misses just because it's so ingrained into me like that respect for other human beings, but all the more elders or authority figures like it's gone. It's been whittled away to the point of nonexistence now where teachers in California and it's creeping itself this way over here to the Bible belt and it's probably all over the midwest or there loopy up there too apparently. Anyways, for sure. So I'm just kidding. No midwesterners but, but I bet you it is more prevalent. There were teachers and kids, they'll just call adults. Like they're their best friend. Like they're there. But Hey bob. Hey Eddie. Right. Like six year old kid. Hey Daddy. Not My kids right now. My kids. No, absolutely not. But it is. It's a gone. It's dying away. You want to talk about common sense dying? Well,

Speaker 1:18:52I literally have people like reprimand and, and correct my kids because they say yes ma'am. No ma'am. Yes sir. No Sir. Don't say that to me. Oh, they made me feel old. Well my kid's freaking nine. You should feel old, like, you know what I'm saying?

Speaker 2:19:08I want him to show proper respect. Don't tell them that soon. Anyways, that grinds my gears.

Speaker 1:19:15Yeah, that's a good one. I can't really relate because I, I didn't say I didn't. My teacher was my mom. You said, mom, you're totally excluding me from your perspective. And if you would have called her by her name, she would have punched you. Right? If I a Sarah, she would've killed me. So

Speaker 2:19:35this is monumental, but this is the first time I think I can ever remember in our many, many years of friendship, you beat me to the homeschool joke.

Speaker 1:19:43I might as well. You guys are kind of gray matters is the smear, the homeschool or. So

Speaker 2:19:53we just value your very limited perspective.

Speaker 1:19:57We're trying to, you know, a few episodes back, I said that there's actually value in bullying, so we're trying to bring value into your life. All that bullying you miss, we're going to make up for good. I really like it. I really did keep. It builds character. It does. It does. I love it. Well thanks Daniel. For our first segment. That felt really good. So get into. So to jump into the content, I'll make a statement and then I want to hear some stuff. Dang those. Got To say because I'm going to make a statement and then I'm probably going to come back and somewhat contradict myself and just a few minutes. I like that. I think. I think with good reason, my statement is this common sense has long been fading. Like I think that there's so much at our instantly, we don't have to think much anymore, you know, everything is so easy. We don't have to figure anything out anymore. Like the practice of problem solving is, is almost a lost art because everything is that, you know, if I don't know how to do it, I youtube it. If I don't know the answer, I Google it, you know, so my brain doesn't have to work that way anymore. So I do think common sense has long been fading and I would at times I feel like it has faded to black. It is nonexistent. It's gone altogether.

Speaker 2:21:29Yeah. So, so was that a, is that your whole thought?

Speaker 1:21:32Yeah, that's my thoughts.

Speaker 2:21:33So here's A. I leaned there too where I kind of was thinking of it like this to the whole term common sense is a misnomer. Like I think the last generation that that was actually a true thing. It's probably like my grandparents, like to World War II generation. The greatest generation was probably the last generation that really embodied good salt of the earth. Common sense because like life took place where they were in their physical existence on a day to day basis where for us life is everywhere, all over. The wires are all over the, the airwaves all the time. And so yeah, we common sense like I don't see it. It's not we, it's like a, it's a leftover term from a bygone era that we still say it like it's a thing, but it hasn't been for a long time. I'm with you. But if you want to tie it to the, to the generation upcoming, um, yeah, I guess it is. It's the doors shutting all the way, like it's about to click.

Speaker 1:22:46But uh, but I do feel like if you could go back to my generation, I won't really speak to generations before that. I don't even know what generation I'm a part of. Whatever was pre millennial. I guess probably, yeah, x marks the spot. Um, I think if you could go back to my generation, I say this all the time. If I would have had a dog on iphone when I was in high school or middle school or you know, early earlier on in life to you, you would have got the epitome of no sense. I mean, so I mean, I really can't. I really can't beat these guys up all that much, that it just so happens that their laundry gets aired out with snapchat and instagram and all these things with the social media element. It's their fault for doing it, you know, but uh, I mean, here's the thing, I think we, our stupidity a little bit more private. We kept it in our own little circle and what I think happened was our friends have a little more grace for us, so we didn't get labeled morons and idiots, you know,

Speaker 3:23:57[inaudible], they were all idiots. Morons

Speaker 1:23:59with us for the most part. Yeah. But you know, these kids have youtube channels and they have, you know, you, something happens today on facebook. It's literally viral within 24 hours, millions of views overnight and you can't take it back. I mean, I would not want to live under that pressure. I'm nervous as an adult, but somebody is going to catch me doing something stupid one day and I'm going to go viral. So you know, as a kid, Jeez, I would've been in trouble man. So I mean I don't want to beat him up too bad either because you know, just because their stuff's out there a little more because I read some, and this is where I said I might, I might almost a sound little hypocritical here. I'll just share with you some things. I looked up and doing some research, I didn't know this, but some studies show that this generation drinks less, takes fewer drugs as well as they've brought. They've brought teen pregnancy numbers down to almost nonexistent and they prefer things like juice bars to pub crawls. I mean, yeah. So wait, what's a pub crawl? That's a midwest thing. Probably not. It's, it's just a role. Did they have them in the south and. Absolutely everybody knows. I've never, I've never been to one until I was like, wait, wait, time out. I've never been to one, let me correct myself.

Speaker 1:25:38Sell a pub crawl. You basically start at one bar and you have a drink and you go to another bar and have a drink

Speaker 3:25:44o p u b.

Speaker 1:25:48and what'd you think? It's at a pub crawl. I thought it was pub crawl. Like what a puppy does after you kicked it, Brett. Like that. After you dug it out of the wheel of your truck.

Speaker 3:26:00I mean my hearing is what happens when we were recording total. Total side note, I'm in to the DA, to the little demon possessed dog. I will say that I believe that demons can, can possess animals because they did it with pigs in the new testament and I'm telling you, they did it with this little demon possessed evil dog. So there are 15 people running down this busy. I'm driving into Birmingham and I mean I'm almost to our hotel in this, this like 15 people, these animal lover Wacko, Weirdo, Vegan. Oh, I see. I need to stop. I'm assuming.

Speaker 2:26:45Oh Man. Yeah.

Speaker 3:26:47But you're. But anyway, the dog saved the dog and this little evil a Chihuahua Yorkie looking thing is running everywhere. So running, running, running. And so I literally have to slam on the brakes to not hit it. Well, when I slammed on the brakes, demon dog decides it's going to jump under my, under my vehicle. So I jump out and I'm like, oh no, I got. I got places to be. By the way, traffic is like piling up all around this. It's 97 degrees in. It feels hot, hot, hot. So yeah. So anyway, so the dog jumps actually jumps into the engine compartment of my truck. And then I have the 15 vegans all screaming, save the animal, don't move your truck. They're all. I mean, you didn't hit the dog. No, I didn't hit the dog. I slammed my brakes to saving. It's pathetic worthless life form.

Speaker 3:27:48And then once I did it took advantage of me by running under my vehicle and then jumping into our engine compartment. So it was all people and I pooped. So, so, so to the weird. Oh, Vegan lady who stuck her hand up into the up. She gets under there and she's like, I'm going to save the dog as I'm telling you. I'm telling you, lady reaches her hand up in there in dog is going crazy. Dog Bites are so hard. She snatches back in her hand. She had her go to the Er, she was on her way to the Er when I left. Um, I mean it was that dog bit her so bad. So pooping, all the dogs going crazy there. Species going everywhere I am. Probably have rabies. He's probably got rabies now I'm telling you, she's in it. She's in uh, Birmingham hospital with rabies. She's foaming at the mouth. She's probably the first Zombie victim I'm telling now. She's no one handed Vegan. That's a fact. She can eat her broccoli with her left hand. So if she recovers from rabies. Right. I'm just telling you. So that was quite the ordeal. But uh, so yeah. So it. Look,

Speaker 2:29:03I think honestly, we can't blame the next generation for what they are at all their children. You know, what? All these adults that want to bad mouth them and say how irresponsible or how hopeless the country is when they become a look into freaking mirror mom and dad. Right? Because those are our kids, those are my kids, those are your kids. And so we got to own the responsibility and I know probably our kids are largely an exception to a lot of that we're talking about because we take, we, we interject ourselves into their lives a little more productively. A lot of parents do, um, because a lot of this stuff your kids are doing that they shouldn't be doing, they shouldn't be doing, but we don't have parents that want to parent anymore. So, uh, that's that side.

Speaker 3:29:55The way. Can I say parenting is hard? Yeah. It's hard, man. Oh yeah. My, my, my son turns three end of this month in the child already knows how to talk to my, my google mini and he's like, hey, I mean it. He said he can't say google. So he's like, Hey, you do what? What's the temperature like? He's already, he already knows like get information from this device. He has no clue where it's coming from. He just knows. He just started

Speaker 2:30:28saying it out loud back. So

Speaker 3:30:33yeah, we're, I agree. I think I think that we are. It is in, right? Yeah. Eddie, there's. It's hard. It was hard for our parents and

Speaker 2:30:45it's harder for parents now because there's so much stuff that they've got to. If they care to try get involved in their kid's life and our culture doesn't say that's normal for the parents to lock down their kids' phones or to limit them and because that's what most people do, so they've got to be the weird parent that says, no, I'm actually gonna. Make sure my kid can go viral for doing stupid things or sending inappropriate pictures to classmates or whatever. Those are all real options that the parents really have. If they, if they choose to explore them.

Speaker 3:31:20Curious. I want to. I want to. I'm thinking about something a little bit of history, so at the turn of the century, the night, what was it, 19th century that's really when America shifted and when people moved out of rural communities, farms and started moving into industrialized locations around major cities, so the population started stopped being so spread out and started concentrating in certain areas. I have a question for you. Do you think there might ever be a time where the reverse begins to happen? Do you think that, that people will have such a rejection in the future? Because one of you said that, that it was the common sense is almost a thing of, uh, of, uh, of, uh, of the past, you know, and so what if, what if there was a case where, where there's such a rejection from a, let's say the Christian community or, or, or Conservative, I don't know, but would there be such a rejection of, of certain forms of technology? And I'm not saying people go amish or anything but, uh, but even begin to spread out and do the opposite of what, what happened, uh, at the turn of the last century. It's happening

Speaker 1:32:40here already. I mean, we've had this trend of, there was a swarm of people that moved into St, St Louis and they built a higher bit, took high rises and turn them into condos. And then over time they moved into communities like ours and, uh, and, and still had bigger towns. Thirty five, 40, 50,000 people. But of recent years, the, the huge trend here I think anybody would agree with me is they're moving out. There's a huge upswing in the and the real estate market and outer rural areas, uh, towns like what you guys would know these, but like Hamill and St Jacobson, uh, some of these smaller towns like 8,000 people, you know, uh, so it's happening here already where people are kind of wanting to get out of the hustle and the bustle and they're driving farther to get to work so that they can live their life and a little more, uh, my kids play baseball and it's a travel baseball team. So we traveled to all of these little areas and it's really funny man to see like you go way back in the middle of nowhere and there's these little communities that have their little baseball field and it is kind of a throwback and it's, it's kind of cool. I got to say I like it

Speaker 2:34:05and that's the problem. And the solution or are tied up in the same thing that our world is getting smaller because of technology to that. All of these things can go viral so quickly because everybody's so interconnected, but at the same time that, that, like you're saying, I think it absolutely, something along those lines, whatever shape it takes, I think it'll probably be a lot more organic, um, than like an incident or a particular group rejecting any given cultural aspect. I think it's going to be a much more life. Enables them to. People are going to be able to work remotely more often. Um, the doesn't matter if you're sitting in your office or you're sitting in your living room, if you're getting the same job in front of a computer, done at the end of the day obviously are the culturally. That's where people are moving and you think about how, how much, you know, even myself, but definitely people younger than me tend to reject these structured environments will get when they're in charge of the, the big fortune 500 company someday they're not going to try to force people into that modern top-down mindset that, that is still mostly in control.

Speaker 2:35:14They're going to go much more silicone valley and, and you know, apple or, or pixar work environments where they say, no, we get it, we went the most productive people and if that means you're working and you know it the living room or at the beach go work there because it doesn't make a difference to us if you're getting the best quality product or service there. Um, and so yeah, people will be able to spread out and it, there's a lot of upside to that. Um, you know, quality of life has a lot of room for improvement when people get to make choices, more of their own less of demand. I look forward to when to post millennial is my boss.

Speaker 1:35:57So I think it's a good, a good time to interject this thought because this is kinda like my concluding thought. Not that we have to close, but just this was where I came to as a destination was for what I think these, this generation lacks. And, and this is a, this is a compliment. What I think they lack in some common sense areas. My hope is that they make up and character and uh, and creativity. So like Daniel said, I like that idea and I know a lot of people do that. I've got some friends that work from home or they work for companies on the other side of the country. Uh, expectations are different. I think we're going to find some improvement as we make some of those adjustments. So I think there, yeah, every generation has its downfall. Um, but I think the upside to this generation because of the potential that's at their fingertips could prove to be profitable and beneficial better. I don't know. I'm taking a chance on you, a generation z don't let me down stepping out to support you or don't let me down.

Speaker 2:37:13I always think along the lines and I can probably tie every topic we talk about back to the idea of our culture is going to be shifting so much and so much larger of a scales. And what I think people still largely realized, like we're only beginning to see some of what that looks like. Um, because I just, I just think that things are going to be so much more different on big picture stuff. The way our economy works, it's not going to be the same way. Like you almost have to think in terms of like America, two point, oh that it's going to be reshaped because people are able, I don't have to go through a certain channel to go buy a certain thing that I want anymore. I can go online and buy whatever I want and have it sent straight to my door, usually in a matter of hours if I want it.

Speaker 2:38:03And so, so the world is going to have to adapt to these kinds of things and it's gonna mean bigger shifts and changes that are upcoming generation is going to be more prepared for than we are. And there they're going to make things very different. But I think a lot of things that are going to be very good and, and so it's easy to see the idiots because we, we, it's like America's funniest home videos, you know, we can, we can, we just had a different channel by which we got to get our, at other people's misfortune. Do we have, they had to mail a vhs to some office in California for some dude to sit on in front of a car, you know, ttv stare at it and cut it down to the 32nd segment that they were going to run back to back with music.

Speaker 2:38:51You know, it was a different, more convoluted process to do the same thing. If you think about it, like now it's just boom. It's instantly live and everybody gets to see it and laugh right away. And there's nobody making a bunch of money off of us for in fact, now I don't have to get $10,000 from Bob Saget I can. I can be on Ellen if I'm dumb enough and have somebody buy me if freaking Tesla and get a book deal and never work in my life because I was dumb for 10 minutes in my life and somebody got it on video, you know, so maybe we'll do that on this podcast and they do something dumb. Check

Speaker 4:39:33something dumb enough to merit, to merit that. Oh Man. Well, great stuff man. I really enjoyed the perspective guys in a. I want to say that maybe after all I've heard that. Let's hope for a common sense revival. Let's hope. Let's hope for, uh, in, in, in, you know, I really got to be honest, how much common sense that I have when I was the age of the people that are, that I'm, that I'm basing the illustration of the, the challenge off of if I had been 16 and had that opportunity. I think you said something close to similar to that Eddie is common sense. More so, or the lack thereof. More evident in us because of our development in, in a experience is. So

Speaker 2:40:35that's it. That's how I think. I really, the Bowl I put on it is, is exactly that. It's a different mindset. It's not, it's not that this generation has lost something valuable, it's easier to kind of feel that way, but it's a different definition. The common sense is a very modern mindset that says this is the way people think and everybody knows it and so therefore we do and don't do these certain things. It's common sense and and we're much more nonlinear. That's part of the whole postmodern thing that we've kind of come and gone through. We're on the other side of postmodernism, which says no common sense isn't a thing because we're going to look at things like this, podcasts from different angles and that's okay. We're not going to just take this hierarchy accepting the way somebody else says it has to be.

Speaker 2:41:21So I think it's okay to say common sense is gone because we've got. We've got A. I don't know if maybe maybe we could coin our own term here that could go viral at all. I don't know that I have it, but there's almost something there like collective sense versus a common sense or something, you know, like, uh, no, no, it's not quite there. But think about it. There's a term that we could replace common sense with. I think that might better say what it is that we wish people would have these days. Sure. The board collective from Star Trek. That'll give me some perspective. We're going to go wash some.

Speaker 1:41:59Listen, you guys in your nerd references, you'd leave me in the dust. I don't have it. She said, I'm not a nerd. I don't, I don't have any preferences. Like first of all, I don't watch movies because of the lack of common sense and the gear grinding that goes on when I go into a movie theater that people can't put their phone away and shut their mouth and tune into the screen and just listen, like uh, so, so I miss out that by the time it comes out on DVD or blu ray or fire stick or whatever it comes out on, I lost interest. So that happens to me. I'm like, I got to see all the shaking my head people, so if you really want to want to despise me, I've never seen Lord of the rings. Father forgive him. I've never seen a. What are some of the other ones I've never seen. Help me help me. Nerd friends.

Speaker 4:43:00You, you probably haven't seen any of the news star,

Speaker 1:43:03of course. A little one since you haven't seen episode eight? No.

Speaker 4:43:13Have you seen, have you seen

Speaker 1:43:16which one was the one where he was standing on the cliff at the end and it was just like, oh, that was,

Speaker 2:43:22that was episode. That was the first one of the newest, uh, that was rogue one.

Speaker 1:43:27Kroger and did there ended there?

Speaker 4:43:30Not Rogue one. And that was episode seven.

Speaker 1:43:32Yeah, whatever. That was good there. But that was the last you saw. The force awakens is awesome. Yeah, that was awesome. So there you go to towns that I just, I mean I'll watch the others are just not going to a theater to do it because I want to, I want to kick people in the throat, take him into the road. Awesome.

Speaker 4:43:56Well, if someone needs a dose of common sense listeners, just kick them in the throat. That is that. If you don't take anything else away, uh, I like to take that away from today. Listen, we want some momentum right here. So I'm going to ask you a thank you so much. Your, your stinking loyal to us and we got so many dear friends who follow us, but I'm asking what we need our subscriptions to go up. So if you'll subscribe, if you will rate us, give us a five star on our podcast that would be huge followers on facebook, uh, in, in, you know, give us some content, let us know what you're thinking. Uh, talk to us about common sense if you've got a funny story or something like that. Share that with us. That is pure gold to us. So, uh, anyway guys, it's been great. I enjoyed it. Thanks so much. Super Fun. Absolutely. So, until next time, keep living your life, doing your best and we will see you next time for another episode of Grey Matters. Y'All have a good one, Kiki, to get. Love me.

Speaker 5:45:14Are you writing? Singing, believe from the sign me because of enemies and I don't know.

Speaker 4:45:26No.

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