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Gaming vs. Winning at Life
August 17, 2018 Special Guest Steve Sandoz & Story Co
Gray Matters

Gaming vs. Winning at Life

August 17, 2018

Special Guest Steve Sandoz & Story Co

Joined by special guest Steve Sandoz, formerly immersed full time in the gaming world, we discuss video games and their impact on us, our society, and our kids.
Joined by special guest Steve Sandoz, formerly immersed full time in the gaming world, we discuss video games and their impact on us, our society, and our kids.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00All right, welcome everybody to another episode of Grey matters brought to you by support at veteran ventures. Find out more as supportive veteran

Speaker 2:0:10We don't live in a black and white world. People are missing and life is complicated. Sometimes what we see as grace is a myriad of colors blended together and we can almost always better understand something by seeing it from another perspective. I'm Daniel. I'm Brett. I'm Eddie. This is gray matters.

Speaker 1:0:37All right. Welcome everybody to another episode of Grey Matters. I'm happy to be with you. I'm Eddie Bradley with me tonight. Are My good friends. Brett? A K, a little Jesus nettles. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. After the drake thing I had to. I had to throw it out there and my friend Daniel mcnapp

Speaker 3:1:03not yet possessing a cool hip hop,

Speaker 1:1:06Aka also known as Daniel mcnabb. Diggy. Danial. Hey, and we got a special guest with us tonight. I'm gonna. Throw it over to Danielle and let him let him in here.

Speaker 3:1:19We absolutely have a special guest with us tonight and by special, this is 100 percent, the most famous person that has ever been on gray matters podcast. It is our friend Steve, Sandoz. Steve, Steve from the house and say hi to the listener. So, so you may be wondering why do I say the most famous gray matters? Why is he the most famous? So Steve was actually on Canadian idol. What year was that, Steve? That's 2000. Four in 2004. He was air broadcast internationally across the airway. Can I google that? You don't even have to because I got on youtube, but it's out there. Here you go. It's quick. So be ready because it's coming right out the gate. Here it goes. Mr Steve, our good friend Steve on Canadian idol.

Speaker 4:2:22I can see there's a little more. Can call from my good friends in a room where you do with sun down. You better take care if I find you been creeping down my back stairs.

Speaker 1:2:38Oh,

Speaker 3:2:39all right. So that's the guy after him. The whole new world. Yeah. No, it never got no idea. Judges were giving him props to Dave, I've got a question not

Speaker 1:2:50pertaining to our subject tonight, but on American idol. Where did they tell you you're going and Canadian and American idol. They say you're going to Hollywood. What did I say on Canadian

Speaker 5:3:00idol? Toronto. Toronto. Hey. All right, so that's awesome.

Speaker 3:3:11Steve here, because as we were talking about what the subject was going to be a, he is the closest thing I know to an expert on tonight's topic, but you want to tell our listeners what that is. Eddie Bradley?

Speaker 1:3:24Yeah. Tonight we are going to be talking about video games.

Speaker 5:3:33That's all I got. Video Games in general.

Speaker 3:3:43And

Speaker 5:3:45do we have a catchy tagline? Cheat codes? Um, I know, I know. Video Games glitch like Mod.

Speaker 3:3:54Oh, heard that. So when we say we're talking about video games, we're not just talking about video games, we're going to talk about what, how they impact life and priorities and people's. Yeah, we're definitely going to get a lot of perspectives on the effect they have on culture for sure. Got It. Well that's the objective anyway. So I've got some good questions. I want to ask Steve, so let me just tell you before we get into questions, what, uh, what, Steve's expertise, where that comes from? Steve, you, you worked at a place that we have down here. I don't know if it's national or would, but uh, he worked at a place called gamestop for quite a length of time. Um, so he's probably seen every kind of Gamer you could imagine. I'm up close and personal and seeing all kinds of, uh, people's lives affected, impacted by Gamers and gaming. So it's kind of largely as point of reference besides just, I'm sure being personally. Yeah.

Speaker 1:4:55Are you a video gamer yourself, Steve?

Speaker 3:4:57Oh yes. Since 1985. 80 five. He was gaming, but when I was one years old before brad was born,

Speaker 5:5:07I was negative one. He just a baby. I wasn't even a twinkle in my parents eyes. That's creepy.

Speaker 3:5:19Dave, if we want to get into those, but first, but first

Speaker 1:5:27I want to interject a, would you rather, but first, would you rather guys, I'm going to ask all of you this, would you rather steve, including you, which you and I had several. Man, I had to really fight off several, but I came, I came to this. I thought it was. I thought this one was important. Would you rather x xbox or Nintendo never have been invented and why?

Speaker 3:5:55Wow. Think this

Speaker 5:5:58is a matter of your background and so I'm going to go. I'm going to go with x box has had more personal influence on my life, therefore

Speaker 6:6:13I can do without needing. Didn't know.

Speaker 1:6:15Oh, oh Daniel. Hm.

Speaker 3:6:19Well, it's kind of a chicken and the egg thing though, where if Nintendo had never been invented, we probably would not have xbox. So, uh,

Speaker 7:6:30mmm.

Speaker 5:6:32You have to pick one. You've done this before, Daniel. You try to get this technicality going with the buffers. Would you rather have.

Speaker 3:6:41Where were honestly, I have spent more hours and time on xbox and Nintendo, so

Speaker 1:6:48I really thought of this question for our friend Steve. Steve, talk to me a little bit about, would you rather nintendo never have been invented or xbox?

Speaker 6:7:00I would probably say xbox, but it's simple reasons that I think Nintendo has the more iconic characters and you gotta think before Xbox is a thing you hadn't intended on Sony already in the market, so and the. It would have been cool no matter what.

Speaker 1:7:17Yeah, that's a good point Steve. Hey listen, I agree about the iconic characters, Mario, with Super Mario brothers. Mario Cart. I mean all the Marios but then contra.

Speaker 5:7:32Come on. Oh wait, here's actually a certified technical champion. You are. That's all. That's because that's because I don't live on the coast anyway.

Speaker 1:7:45Uh, that. That's uh, that's good. Yeah. I'm going to go. I'm going to go with xbox. I would rather xbox had never been invented a. even though I've spent countless hours on Xbox, man hurts me in my moments. I have invested in my childhood on Rbi Baseball and NBA Jam and which that came out, I think on that

Speaker 5:8:16fire. He's on fire.

Speaker 1:8:18NBA. I think it was MBA hoops. Madden a nomadic didn't come out until [inaudible] 64 also. My bad. But anyway, they, I've spent some countless hours on that early Nintendo. Uh, I go back to the Atari. Steve, what about you?

Speaker 6:8:33I played some Italian before, little bit before my time, but I played it.

Speaker 5:8:37Yeah, we haven't. Hey, I'm the old man on the show, but I didn't factor in. My answer though was 64 and that isn't intended. I was thinking like any. Yes, yes and yes. But dogen, I killed some freaking golden eye. I'll tell you. Nobody can. Nobody can beat me in licensed to kill pistol. Nobody.

Speaker 1:8:54The. Nobody played

Speaker 3:8:56Zelda. Yeah. That was the only band that ever been. Was witchcraft

Speaker 5:9:03not allowed in the home school market. Are you kidding me? No goals. My friends. I'll turn it back over to Daniel and let him initiate some conversations with our buddy. Steve.

Speaker 3:9:18Steve, when or how long, what years were you at gamestop?

Speaker 6:9:24I was there, well I was there from 2008 to 2013, but I'd also worked for the equivalent company in Canada for a year and a half before I left, which is called what Evie Games A. I

Speaker 3:9:40just thought we may want to explain to people that may not know what gamestop is. It's a game, it's a game video game store, but they also will purchase your used video game materials from you for trading value and things like that where basically gamers can combine and so video games pretty much sums it up. Right. So, so, so you were there for a number of years. Tell me that. I thought of it like this, the gaming era. So what game was the big must have game when you started working there?

Speaker 6:10:14Well, that, that was back in the before of call of duty or the day kind of thing. So I guess when I started would have been probably madden and I'm thinking grand theft auto.

Speaker 3:10:26Gotcha. Yeah that would be like the first, uh, first grand theft auto or would like the first one that place city in San Andres. Playstation two. Okay, Gotcha. And so then when you left your last day, their last time there, what was the game of that era?

Speaker 6:10:44Honestly, I mean that didn't call of duty was still big and there was other stuff coming out. I can't think of the names

Speaker 3:10:52but okay. I didn't know if there would be a certain, you know, what was, what was hitting it, but no, I love the uh, the grand theft auto was hard when you started and then imagine, I mean pretty much always stays madness. Not going away and well say that I didn't

Speaker 5:11:10in that era in that, in that timeframe you had to be, you had to uh, have endeared some crazy.

Speaker 8:11:17Oh

Speaker 5:11:20No.

Speaker 3:11:22Hello? Huh, that's true. Alright. So here's my two real questions that I want to know because we're talking about video games and a lot of what I want to hear in this topic is, uh, how people effectively or not effectively prioritize their lives in relation to video games. So what is the largest single transaction you personally observed while it came? Stop? Oh my goodness,

Speaker 6:11:55there were few. I remember a guy who traded in about $450 where this stuff,

Speaker 3:12:06so that was probably like a few truck loads if you got $450 for it,

Speaker 6:12:10right? Yeah. It was like a couple of consoles and a ton of games. Some controllers. It,

Speaker 3:12:17it was like his whole lifetime collection.

Speaker 6:12:21Yeah. And he walked in 20 minutes before close to do soccer, but the biggest transaction I think I saw was like $750, which sounds like a lot, but I think it was somebody who bought like an Xbox, like 10 games and exit controller and stuff

Speaker 3:12:42conservative compared to what I was thinking honestly. I figured somebody came in there and dropped a few g's once or twice. But uh, that's good to know.

Speaker 6:12:50I see people drop that mention in my people would come in and buy regularly, but it was made by a whole bunch of stuff at once.

Speaker 3:12:56Gotcha. Gotcha. So, so tell me, your biggest spender would spend how much in the course of like a week or a month or something.

Speaker 6:13:07I think he had it nailed the moment ago. How about a thousand dollars?

Speaker 3:13:11Do we just come in and just over the course of a. What is that? A week or a month? That'd be a month. About a month. You just drop a thousand bucks on video games.

Speaker 1:13:21That helps. That helps get that perspective that I knew how to make that money was coming from.

Speaker 3:13:30Probably don't want to ask the question I was going to ask you like what was the biggest screw job? That's how I think of it. Like when I go on and trade in my video games, I'm like, here's these $400 of too much. Here's my $160 a video game. A little. I give $5. Store credit. Okay,

Speaker 6:13:52so nick, way, way more money selling them yourself.

Speaker 3:13:55Sure, sure.

Speaker 1:13:56Is there a secret that you can give us, like a tip to a trading in your games? Because there may be some others who have some games. We're not playing right now. I know for a lot of us now we're just doing a auto downloads from the Microsoft store, so we're not going and buying the disc anymore, but if we do have those, you have any tips you might give people who'd be listening on, hey, if they like, I could give you some tips on buying a car because I can tell you some things to tell the salesman or whatever. Is there anything that could help us get more money out of our stuff?

Speaker 6:14:32Or is it, it is what it is. Well, number one, like anything, do your research, you know, it's easy to go online and go to Amazon or whatever and figure out what the game is selling for at this point. Uh, realized that if you do trade in a gamestop, the Max you're going to get, it's about a third of what the game is worth. So for a $60 game you can expect to get around 20 bucks. Occasionally there's promos and stuff where you can get more, but typically it will be no more than a third.

Speaker 3:15:04So it's actually going to stop. It's negotiable. I had no freaking idea

Speaker 6:15:13and it's not negotiable. The rates are preset, but the Max rate that we give is up to a third of them. Yeah.

Speaker 3:15:18Climax. Which means you start somewhere under though. Yeah, man. That's good tip. Just knowing that.

Speaker 1:15:27Yeah,

Speaker 6:15:30any of that. And came out. People were trading their copies of last year's game and typically on wash days is worth like 15 bucks, like a month later. It's worth like four bucks.

Speaker 3:15:42Dragway nothing. Wow.

Speaker 1:15:44Is it worth getting a little membership card? Is that valuable

Speaker 3:15:48if you spend $100 a month? Yeah.

Speaker 6:15:52If you buy a lot of use games in. Yes.

Speaker 1:15:55Well, here's the big question I had the, this is the one I think carries a little bit of weight. A lot of people blame video games for much of the violence we see today. Uh, do you believe video games contribute to violence?

Speaker 3:16:08If so, how is this for everybody or for Steve? You started with Steve.

Speaker 1:16:14Yeah, I mean if, if anybody else wanted to chime in, but I really want to hear what Steve thinks.

Speaker 6:16:21That is a really good question. Honestly, I mean I know it's an opinion based question. I think it's more about the person in the game because I'm the first to admit we were talking about golden eye earlier. I like plugging in some times and blowing up some stuff and having some fun, but you know when I go into the real world I realized that a game is a game and outside of that it's different.

Speaker 3:16:46Let me see your job on the street. Different store directors.

Speaker 1:16:51Do you play Fort Night, Steve?

Speaker 6:16:53I don't. I haven't yet. No.

Speaker 1:16:55Yeah, because if you play fort night you'll realize after you play fortnight. Real life is fortunate. I've never tried. I never drive by a stack of pallets anymore that I don't want to get a pick ax out chopped up and give me some would and some resources. If I see if I see a silo on a farm, I'm going out there because there might be a chest inside of that thing.

Speaker 3:17:19The most real moment of that I had, I was walking out of Walmart and the far into their parking lot. They had like a special car sale going on there. I had a giant hot air balloon shape balloon with like some, some frilly stuff around it and I almost took off spring. I promise to all goodness. I started launch supply

Speaker 1:17:41drop. Hey, there's a semi truck with open doors. I got to go see if it's got chest every time.

Speaker 9:17:50So I would love to read it

Speaker 3:17:52to throw to two of my sense of that question. And you, that's a good question that we could get pretty meaty. I was thinking about it. I don't even remember why. Maybe it was because we had talked about doing this segment, um, or this episode, but you know, because they're obviously the conversation that the media has is it's desensitizing our kids and so they are used to seeing graphic violence and Gore and so they don't think of people as people in the real world. I just don't think that holds up in the big picture because I was watching something on, on Amazon the other night and it was like the history of warfare. One of those shows that talks about, you know, different cultures. And how they went to war and our world has always been an extremely violent place, like lots of people killing lots of people for almost all of history. And I think about it in comparison today and honestly a lot of our world, especially the industrialized first world parts where we live and play lots of video games are so much less violent on a hold and every culture and the history of civilization. And I thought, you know what, you could probably make an argument that video games might be a factor in that because we get an outlet to go make believe this

Speaker 9:19:10instead of going and killing our African neighbors that looked at as dirty. So it's interesting point. That's my two cents. Interesting. Rankin County, uh, Mississippi, their school district is doing a lot of active shooter training right now. I'm in the, I'm associated with a good many teachers. This is the flip side of the coin, just for a bunch of perspective. Um, they did research the FBI and everybody has been doing research to profile all the shooters of recent school shootings. So they tried to profile and see what is the correlation, what's the, what is the, the things that make these people the same, whether the identifiable characters and traits. And I'm the one thing they have noticed first person shooters is the only thing that they connect multiple. It's the one thing, and I'm not broken homes poverty. That seems a little.

Speaker 3:20:20I mean, I'm not doubting the day to day center. I believe that they said it or thought so. Right.

Speaker 9:20:25I would just going to. I'm not, I'm not bashing, I'm not bashing. I grew up. I grew up in the middle of the playstation two. Yeah. They said that they claim that that was in there, weren't advocating for. They weren't bashing video games or anything like that. They just have to feel like drugs, broken homes, poverty, uh, uh, some of those things have to feed more

Speaker 1:20:48into that stuff. Then then shooter games. I mean, because there's too many kids that play shooter games for that to be the fact that. Okay,

Speaker 2:20:58think of how you're asking the questions too, because you know what else you could probably draw on all of them. One hundred percent Saturday morning cartoons, you know, it's like, what questions are you asking them to get this information? If you're going to ask them specifically to have you played a first person shooter? Most teenagers have.

Speaker 1:21:16I was going to say teenage boys. So us teenage boys. What they spend their time on, you're going to get video games almost every time

Speaker 2:21:24probably dropped about 100 of those real similar youtube. It's true. Start pulling out things. But yeah, it's interesting. It's interesting to hear though. So you know what I'd love to do if you guys are willing to listen, I would love to tell a story that I think can bring out a lot of this discussion that we're wanting to have. Um, so if you'll go with me in this hallmark moment, I want to take you away from the borderlands of Texas. I want to bring you over to the heart of America's glory days in a little town called steel magnolia p a ride outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This town is quaint in every sense of the word. There are picket fences lining the main street that are shadowed by the beautiful blossoms of Japanese Magnolia trees and gorgeous whites and pinks, but as you look above the trees you see in the distance to haze from the local steel foundry where 95 percent of the residents of steel magnolia work all hours of every day.

Speaker 2:22:50So this story centers on a family called the Gambino family Ma and little Jimmy Gambino. Jimmy was a special boy. He had especially large hands that were incredibly dexterous and he, he had the eye hand coordination to go along with his large stakes, just tends to make him quite a good gamer. So he had pie in the sky dreams of someday being able to figure out a way to make a living, uh, with video games. But he didn't ever really expect that. Okay. Opportunity would come his way until one day at school. He sees a poster for a tournament coming up in his town where the winner would go on to the regional level tournament. And the winner of that would land a job, a full time job with the gaming company. The most gaming company out there, the one that made the game, that was all the rage at that moment, which was called 14 days of double barrel building at dusk.

Speaker 2:24:02It was a working title. So, so young Jimmy Gambino. He got so good at games that he had earned himself the nickname Jimmy gameboy and Jimmy, he was so excited when he saw this flyer. He ran home from school that day and busted in the door and he saw his parents sitting at the table with a guide that they knew from church, uh, and, and so he didn't want to interrupt and he, he took that poster and he was just eagerly awaiting his moment to tell his dad about what he had found because you see his dad worked at that local steel foundry and was in his early fifties, but he looked like he was in his seventies. It was wearing on him heavy. And I tell you, pog and B, no one. It's something better for his son than, than to just do the same thing that he did and that his father did and his father, his father did.

Speaker 2:24:56So finally, when those, when the person had left a jimmy ran out and said, you'll never believe it, I can be a real game or someday I just have to win this tournament in imposs said, no, Jimmy, I saw the same flyer at work today and that's why I told that man that was on our table, you see Jimmy, he was a financial planner and he was trying to tell me and your mom how we can prepare for our financial future and how we could invest and safeguard our income and grow our money with, with this compounding. Interesting. And I told him he could take his pyramid scheme sticky because my son is going to be professional video gamer and I know where I can hire you. Jimmy a tutor at $35 an hour. And I said, I told that man, I said, I don't have $50 a month for life insurance.

Speaker 2:25:59I got a $35 an hour tutor. I'm going to get for my son. So sure enough, pog Gambino followed through on his promise and twice a week he paid for tutoring for little Jimmy to go to the next level. He watched as he played this game, he would, Jimmy would already regularly win. That's why he got that name Jimmy game boy, but he went from regularly when to the majority of their time, he would be number one out of a pool of 100 people playing this game. He would regularly be the first place winner and two weeks went by and it was the week of the tournament and Jimmy was so excited. His Dad had requested off work to come to the tournament on Friday night to watch him win this prize and go onto regionals. So Monday morning Jimmy wakes up like every other day, ready for his afternoon tutoring when he gets done with school. But when he comes home, he was never prepared for what was waiting. What happened? Paul Gambino didn't come home from work,

Speaker 2:27:18one of the giant caudrons of molten steel because you see he was leaving work early to make sure he got in and got the payment process to his video game tutor on time and the man wasn't expecting Park Gambino to be walking behind him when he dumped the but park can be. No, we're totally t3 never came home from work. So the funeral for later that week on Thursday the Gambino puts into the funeral and on that same day, Jimmy saw an ad. In fact, it was on Tuesday morning, Jimmy saw an ad in the local paper, did the steel magnolias steel foundry had an opening and he went in and applied and he, he was hired on the condition that he would be at work for staying Friday morning and he would have to work a double because they were behind from the work that had been missed this week. And so young Jim again, no, never made it to their attorney who will never know if he could have wanted her. Oh, that's a tragic story. That is emotionally draining. So I think that was pretty chock full of some nuggets for us to talk about

Speaker 5:28:55gaming priority. Yes. So he had to work the double dude. I'm sitting here just thinking about he has to work a double [inaudible] is because of his deceased. Didn't get the work done at work. Hey Jimmy got bread in his feelings right now. I'm sweating here people. I am literally Jimmy. Hey, have on that note. Have you guys heard about this idea that parents are hiring tutors for their kids to play video games? You'd be heard. That's a real thing. That's a real thing. I did. What do you think about that? I mean, let me just tell you before you give me your thoughts.

Speaker 1:29:42I'm looking up a simply hired as a website that offers like tutors a math tutor, 12 to $14 an hour, a college living experience tutor. Uh, 20, $20 an hour.

Speaker 5:29:57Did you just say living experience tutor? Yeah. I don't even know. Maybe they teach you how to play beer pong, but math and science and coding tutors a, you know, I was like, these are like $20 an hour, $25 an hour, $40 and you need like degrees and experience for.

Speaker 1:30:21She has a video game. Tutor 35 to $80 an hour.

Speaker 9:30:29Sign me up. No, you gotta be you gotTa be good at it. You've got to be good at it. Beat me on Med 19 just because I can't. I'm not no pro builder in fortnight.

Speaker 1:30:46So what do you think about that? What do you think about our culture that's hiring tutors for kids to play video games? Let's get around this box and check it's butthole or something. What's going on?

Speaker 9:30:57Why are parents just trying to latch on and support the kid and what they're interested in?

Speaker 5:31:05That happens a lot, but I've seen some parents chase the world on travel sports and gymnastics and their kids. They're going to go that far. What do you think, Steve? What are you thinking about tutors for video games?

Speaker 6:31:22Well, I think that any parent that could afford that kind of setup for their kids' video games would probably be able to afford the tutor, but I think it's kind of a lot like, you know, hiring a coach to help it get advance in the sport. But the reality is they're going to sport example, there's a very small percentage of people who never get a chance to play pro. There some really, really good players out there that do not have what it takes.

Speaker 1:31:50So the market for video games is not as flooded as real as, as physical sports.

Speaker 6:31:57Is it more acceptable to be a professional video gamer or some parents? Probably a little naive that they going to be easier for the kids to do that because like, oh, he's on his xbox all the time. He's really good at video games. Yeah.

Speaker 1:32:08Here's what I'll tell you. Parents get your kids piano lessons.

Speaker 9:32:13That's what I'm saying. My parents put me through piano lessons from, from uh, okay. I'm going to. I want to advocate against it. This is why, because I took piano from time. Oh, seven to 17 and it developed a skill that is with me at 32 you. There's no way. I'm telling you, if you're 13, your passions are going to change. Your interest are going to change, your priorities, change. The game is going to go out and date the platform is going to change. You will be playing in three D in 20 years will be in some. See the whole plan when you're, you know, with a controller it's going to be gone, man. I'm telling you, you're wasting your mind yet.

Speaker 3:32:58I think Steve's analogy is pretty good as far as you know, coaching, you know, people spend money on sports tutors or video getting tutors or there's a. there's a strong similarity there. And I liked the, the threat he drew that. It's really, it's a fraction of one percent of either one that's going to go on and make money doing either of those things someday. So if the goal of tutoring as to get them to that place or the goal of coaching is to get them to that place like, yeah, then it's not a good investment, but if it's something, you know, there could be other reasons that people do it. If it's a way that they, you know, just like sports, that's what they have them in their kids do together and they enjoy it. And so they get better at it together. You can do that with video games. So I don't know. I mean, I don't think it's.

Speaker 9:33:44See parents, I also see parents living vicariously through their children and in getting some form of satisfaction off the success of the child, um, in whatever their point.

Speaker 3:34:01Well, for me it comes down to priorities and, and I just know plain and simple that the parents, the majority of them that are paying for it can't really afford it. That's not what they should probably be spending their money on and the big picture of what's most important in their life. And that's just you. There's a thousand statistics you can pull up the financial state of American households and 35 to $80 an hour video game tutoring doesn't fit their budget, but they don't have one.

Speaker 1:34:31That's interesting. That's good points, man. I was just looking at some statistics to kind of go along with what y'all are saying. There are 8 million high school kids, uh, that compete athletically. A 480,000 kids compete in the NCA athletically to go on from there.

Speaker 3:34:57Go to NCAA. Oh

Speaker 1:34:59yeah, the fraction. I'm 34,000 kids to participate. NCA baseball, 18,000 men's basketball, 16,000 women's basketball. Seventy $3,000. NCA football. Uh, I mean the numbers are just staggering. That's before you get paid, right? Right, right. Yeah. I mean, Hey, my kids play sports and I support it. I don't criticize people if they can afford it to put their kid through video game. I, I don't. I think I'm with Brett on the idea that the platform's changed. The game's by the time your kids good at fort night. We're all pulling in something else and I mean it's just, uh, it just, I don't know if

Speaker 3:35:44makes a lot of it doesn't train, you can get faster for football, but that doesn't translate to video.

Speaker 1:35:50I mean, here's the thing, the reality might be this to all the years I spent playing sports, I feel like contributed to my character and who I am as a person. So if there's something that can come out of this that could help the kid with social interaction or some sort of coordination or something, a problem solving, I have to believe there's something beneficial in there that helps those kids then so be it, you know. Hey, let me tell you a statistic and just get you guys' opinion on this. I have two more questions before we wrap this up. A fake news reported. Uh, uh, I mean, CNN reported. No, no labs from you guys.

Speaker 9:36:41Thanks Steve. The thing I gave him, my New Yorker Laugh, you gave me your courtesy. All right.

Speaker 1:36:51CNN reported 97 percent of kids ages 12 to 17 play video games. Ninety seven percent of 12 to 17 years. Is that a problem that they played them? That's a whole report that that high of a percentage of our kids and a real. Now think about this. Twelve to 17. That's a real formidable age. That's a real man. They're so influential. They are so, you know, I mean taking a considered childhood obesity problems, taking to consideration consideration, social anxiety disorders. Take into consideration everything and tell me, is it okay that 97 percent of our kids, 12 to 17 are isolating themselves in their room, putting a set of headphones on, picking up a controller and escaping

Speaker 9:37:38life. You know, I'm going to go ahead and say yes. I think that is a problem. There's bacon grease running through our veins and we don't have common sense because we're not getting outside and sweat and we're not getting outside and we don't know. We don't know how to go get on a Kayak and paddle. We don't know how to ride a bicycle. We just get on a video game, preaching, go around. I'm telling you, I'm tired. I'm tired of this Mississippi. We got to get over ourselves. We've got to get off the couch, get out on your feet

Speaker 3:38:14a problem that 97 percent play video games. That's not a statistic that bothers me, but definitely the things you're saying Brett bothers me because it's not like they're, they're not doing it in a proper balance. Um, because probably 96 percent of those 97 percent are doing it for hours at a time and not going outside.

Speaker 2:38:39Do you have one of those? What's your, what's your thought there, Steve?

Speaker 6:38:42Well, I think that potentially anything that could be bad for you or bad for you in large quantities, you know, it's fine with moderation. I mean if you have a 17 year old who play sportsa couple times a week and hangs out with his friends and gets his homework done and maybe play xbox for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon, I don't see any problem with that.

Speaker 1:39:05But what about. So here's the statistics. BBC News reports, uh, that children five to 16 spend an average of six and a half hours a day.

Speaker 2:39:17The problem one, that's the one that I like. Brett,

Speaker 9:39:22this I'm losing my mind. The Bible says, the Bible says, if you're asked sins against you, now it's time for us to get back. It's time for us to get back to the Disney boycott of the mid nineties. Go home, go into the next room, throw your tv out the freaking window. Get the xbox out of your house center. Pagan. Heathen. It's time. So holiness takeover. What? This prevail.

Speaker 1:39:53Bend. You have a video game or fat kids. What if? What's the Burnham? Both barrel burnings. Remember of life? Church. I want to know why I got to pluck. Am I plucking my eye out because people play. Video Games are [inaudible]. Kids are fat. I don't know what's going on right now.

Speaker 2:40:10Hey, hey, true story. True Story. Brett nettles. You'll still do your heart. Good. Maybe calm you down. We had exactly when I was in. It was. Oh Eddie. You know pastor, I don't know if I should say his name at Bartow, Florida. Okay. He had exactly one of these moments where we had a few weeks of cleaning out the house and let me tell you guys, this is this. Wow. Comes full circle. Like figuring out full circle. Yeah. Don't say the name. No, no, no. I'm not. So I'm still really tight. So check this out. We were cleaning out the house, purging. I wasn't there when the violent purging, sensual things. I had just had my older brother's ship me our Nintendo 64 down to Florida so I could get back on golden eye. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit came over me. I know services and I brought the goal tonight. Carter, John, onto this stage and I hit it with that hammer, this real life, real true life, and let me tell you from about three days to by the Holy Spirit to bring that up. See, this story only confirms it.

Speaker 1:41:26That is not the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. That's the carnal availability of the conviction domain. Say that, but that's

Speaker 5:41:34the ability or you. That's condemnation. Conviction. That's condom use. Heaping condemnation, Huh?

Speaker 3:41:41Three hours after to this moment. I've regretted that everyday of my life.

Speaker 5:41:46Good for you. Then it's a matter of fact. The church should reimburse you the amount of. Write them a letter. I'll file a class action lawsuit. I send it to the past. No, I won't. No, I won't because then I'll have to reimburse every kid, whoever burned a secular CV and one of my youth groups, so we're not. Well. Did anybody else break their Disney characters? Princesses were strewn out across the aisles of that sanctuary. Hallelujah. While the choir sang. Let it go. This the irony. Hey, let me wrap this thing up.

Speaker 6:42:27Couple more quick questions. These are pretty lighthearted. I think we got to a good placement. Yeah. Say it, Steve. I just wanted to comment on that theme. You mentioned that a high percentage. That was a kid, Jay playing, I think you said six or seven hours a day, something like that. Six and a half hours. Yeah. This is learned behavior. I have many friends with young kids. And how often do you see someone with like a towel, just still a tablet at them and say, you know, keep yourself occupied and it's learned from a young age and like me, if I have downtime or free time, my mind doesn't mean to go to video game setting, grow up that way. But if I had grown up with a tablet in my hands from age three, I might be spending a lot more time in front of a screen. That's good. Steve. If parents would sit in their kids with, with electronic devices than kids wouldn't be resorting to those things as a first response. That's, that's good man.

Speaker 3:43:19That's when we get done with her. Steve, I'm going to take that ipad out. So I went to hammer.

Speaker 5:43:31Let's see, I brought this.

Speaker 6:43:33Now we're going back in just a couple of quick two questions. Favorite video video game of all time. Brett go.

Speaker 9:43:48Oh Man. The Medal of honor. Playstation two series a whole bunch of those. That is my high school. I would be homeless. I was homeschooled. So Mama

Speaker 5:44:01we. Because she allowed you to play it.

Speaker 9:44:08She would go like run groceries in the entire time she would go get groceries. I'd totally be sidetracking and, uh, playing video games. It was sentimental. So the medal of honor stuff from pc ps two.

Speaker 6:44:23Favorite game of all time. Daniel.

Speaker 3:44:25It was double. Oh, seven Goldeneye man. That was in my life where I was great at it. I smashed my brothers and sisters and

Speaker 1:44:33at least you didn't smash it with a hammer at. Oh, you did? That's probably shouldn't have. Hey Steve. Favorite game of all time. Zelda Ocarina of time. Nintendo 64. Yeah.

Speaker 3:44:46That was the first and only game I've ever beat by myself. Start to finish,

Speaker 1:44:52man. It's funny, I asked this question and I didn't even have a preconceived answer, but I'm going to say my favorite video game of all time. And this sounds super lame. Um, but, uh, I'm going to say on a console now, not in the arcade favorite video game. The arcade will either be gallagher or NBA Jam. Favorite console video game. Uh, I'm going to have to say it was Contra Contra was wrong. I used to play it up, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. I'm not cheat codes. Yeah. Alright. One more. Biggest disappointment. I'm going to start with Daniel. This done the biggest disappointment of a game you ever bought?

Speaker 3:45:36Yeah. So I'll just use that to leap into what it is. I don't know if it's my least favorite game ever because I played it a lot but it, it just wigged me out and I never played it. So Mario, 64 my head friends that loved that game and they beat it and then they had a catch all 120 stars or whatever. There are a bajillion stars you've got to find throughout the levels. So I was playing this game and it always gave me the creeps anyways for something about the music and the graphics of it weirded me out, but there is one particular level with a sunken ship and I slammed onto the ship and I was doing my thing with Mario and I swim back up and I've never been a big fan of deep dark water. But the next time I jumped off in that little pond and looked down and there's a giant yields swimming around the ship. I never played the game again. I turned it off and said, no, thank you. I'm, and it's weird how video games can trigger such real feelings in you. I don't know if that's what you're looking for or not, but I could understand how people, like with spider phobia is they would get them a past them with like fake videos of spiders and stuff after playing mario 64.

Speaker 1:46:48Yeah. You know, I'm surprised nobody said call of duty was their favorite game. We've had some killer times together on call of duty. A biggest disappointment Steve Man. Oh, it was a resident evil five. I love the fourth line. I was so let down by the fifth one.

Speaker 3:47:08That's pretty hardcore there. He made it all the way to five. I could never do video games. Uh,

Speaker 1:47:13the biggest disappointment for me is NCA baseball because I'm such a huge college baseball fan. And the game was just a bomb. I think it was like NCA baseball, 2009 or something like that was Hiroshima. It was awful. Wow. Yeah. Biggest disappointment for me.

Speaker 9:47:35So my biggest disappointment would have to be collectively the new battlefront games put out for star wars and. And then so you're going to put out a second one, I mean event and you're going to bait all the star wars fans and you'll be like, we messed it up the first time so we're going to do better and we're going to add a story mode and all of this and it goes from bad to worse in you poop on the name of Star Wars and you defile some of the greatest movie making all of the world and all of history. So battlefront was just miserable. It was miserable when I traded that in a Gamestop, I was happy. I was like, you can take care of it. I was like, pick one cent for it. Just step on the ground with it. Just go ahead and you should have took it to church and smashed it with. Probably should have pretended to be a really spiritual man. Feel something convicted me.

Speaker 1:48:37Hey man, listen, I got to tell you, this has probably been my favorite episode yet. This has been so much fun. I'm sure there are probably some people out there that don't like video games, uh, that were like, Eh, whatever. They probably didn't make it this far, so forget them anyway. Maybe we'll pick them up on the next episode, but hey, I really, really had a good time. And Steve, thanks man. You know we were talking about earlier. Yeah, we're going to have you back because what people don't know is you also have a strong connection to another topic we've talked about and we're going to talk about it again and that is immigration, so we won't give them any more than that on how you connect to that topic, but I'm just going to tell you people when you hear Steve's coming back on to talk about immigration, you're to want to be here.

Speaker 1:49:23So listen, thanks for joining us everybody. We're going to sign off. That's great matters. Hey, go give us those five star reviews. Smash those like buttons, like the kids say these days, share the facebook page, share the, uh, the, a podcast with your friends, talk about it, make comments, have some dialogue discussions. Hey, log on to facebook as soon as you hear this and start some dialogue on what your favorite game is or what game you thought was a bomb, I think that'd be fun to talk about. Hey, thanks again. Uh, we love all of you and we want you to have a good day.

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